Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Keeping These Common Tree Problems at Bay

As the seasons change, they initiate a lot of changes in trees and plants. Trees, specifically, may undergo several alterations. However, not every change is good. During certain periods, insects and diseases get active and it is important to stay vigilant. If you are proactive and do not let issues go out of hand, you will ensure that your trees stay healthy throughout the year. Keep a look out for some of these things:

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

Tree leaves turning brown – during seasons when your trees should give green leaves, if they exhibit brown colored leaves then that is an issue. If you see a lot of  leaves turning brown from the veins at the time of budding, you must consider fungal disease as a problem. The most likely is Anthracnose. It normally blooms in crisp, wet spring weather. If you want to save the tree, make sure you seek specialized medication. It is during these times that you require professional help by your side.

2. You find something sticky on the leaves - sap is especially appetizing for hungry aphids, as it has a lot of carbohydrates. Aphids tend to leave a gluey residue which is also known as honeydew. The substance attracts mold fungi and starts curling the leaves. With a range of different variety of aphids, you will have to choose a treatment option accordingly. Get in touch with a landscaping expert for an ideal solution to deal with aphides.

3. Scale insects - another very common problem apart from aphids are scale insects. Insects have to be taken care of before they become a greater issue. Scaly insects are a lot like aphids wherein they end up leaving an identical mark, but are a lot more destructive. They can be found in clumps, creating color spots over the leaves, needles and bark. It is extremely important to apply the right kind of insecticide for getting rid of this problem.

4. Falling and chewed leaves - if you see that the leaves of the tree are missing and  big chunks are  falling prematurely, the cause may be caterpillars. Some of the biggest victims of caterpillars are maple, elm, oak, apple, beech, hickory, and ash trees. In case you notice such damage over the trees, you may have to apply a little bit of insecticide. Also, focus on caterpillar prevention during the autumn season by making use of insecticidal tree band.
Being careful with these common tree problems will ensure that your trees live longer and stay healthy. It is best to detect the problems early enough so that you are able to control them in the right way. Otherwise, you may end up losing a full-grown tree. A great way to keep your yard looking and feeling healthy is to hire a landscaping expert. These professionals not only ensure that your yard looks beautiful but also do the needful when it comes to maintaining the health of your flora and keeping them flourished all year round.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Tips on Landscaping Your Garden

There is no doubt that the main element of an attractive house is having a landscaped garden. Landscape planning does require some effort. There are numerous common design features and ideas available over the internet for inspiration while planning an attractive project. With some helpful tips, you can save money without sacrificing beauty or quality and get yourself a satisfying landscaping experience.

Tip #1 – Before you plan, look for resources you already have.

Before starting, look for resources that you already have with you. Make a list of likes and dislikes in your current landscape, the way you want to use the space, the transformations you would like to make and the type of landscaping design you wish to have. 

Tips #2 –Take cues from others when needed

While it is good to stay original, the rule does not apply to landscaping. In case you like a certain design, copy it, and make the required changes to help it fit into your space. When you decide to go with your original ideas, you will have to be prepared for things not always going the way you imagined.

Gather ideas by looking at magazines, pictures on the internet or taking advice from friends and family. Apart from this also make a note of things you will need for tweaking the design and constructing that specific feature, you want. Combine various design ideas that can help you achieve your goals, while considering what you have already have.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
Tips #3 –Keep the style of your house in mind

There is nothing more awful than creating a landscape that does not match with your house. Before starting the project, take into account the overall style of your house. Also, consider your lifestyle. Do you have the time to care for hundreds of plants or clip beds of roses? If you are someone who prefers to spend time relaxing, then consider aneasy-care landscape.

Tips #4 –Visualize the final design before going ahead with it

Keep in mind, the function and style of your landscape. In case you own a rural cottage, a very formal garden will not look good. Make sure you keep the utility value of the space in mind while planning. Do you wish to have a barbeque or a separate area for entertaining guests? Will a flowerbed amidst your lawn constrain family games? Do you wish to have an area where your children can play? Concentrate on the outdoor space where you will be spending maximum  time. This is the best place to start with.

When thinking of landscaping, it is certainly a good idea to hire a professional. However, independent designers demand a lot of money. Hence, before you hire someone to do the job for you, make sure you compare the rates and go through their work. There are several skilled landscaping experts who do an amazing job at extremely competitive prices.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Important Landscaping Tips for Protecting Your Lawn Through Winter

You have probably made the most of your yard during the summer months. Now is the time to take some maintenance steps to ensure that your garden is well prepared for the winter season. Here are a few tips that can help you keep the lawn in good condition so that it revives well during the summer months.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
1. Fertilize now:

The unfortunate truth is that seeds of crabgrass will always remain in your soil. As soon as the spring arrives, these weed seeds will start to germinate in the lawns. A professional landscaping expert can make it difficult for the crabgrass to germinate in your area with the right treatment. However, if you wish to give your yard an even better start to fight the stubborn crabgrass, you can go for fall fertilization.

There are several advantages of fall fertilization. During fall, your plants stop growing on the top as they focus more on building nutrient reserves and the root systems. Such reserves help in new growth as the spring arrives. Using fertilizers on your lawn in the fall helps your plants during their normal cycle. The flora will make the most use of the fertilizers in the chilly autumn weather in comparison to any other time.

The three most important nutrients in fertilizers serve a specific function. Nitrogen helps in promoting top growth and color. Phosphorus rouses root development and Potassium assists grass plants in resisting disease, drought, and in retaining water.

Fall turf fertilization is very important for turf growth, and a proper application by a professional will offer numerous benefits to your lawn . When the turf  is fertilized during the fall, it will be less prone to disease while showing enhanced recovery from the harm caused by drought and summer heat the coming year. Apart from this, fall fertilization can cause richer spring greenery.

2. Aerate:

While it seems like a very complex process, lawn aeration is a simple method to rejuvenate the turf. Landscaping professionals make use of an aerator to get rid of soil plugs from the lawn. This assists in breaking up compacted soil, root-choking and making pathways through which water, air, and fertilizer can travel easily to the roots. This will help the roots in growing deeper and stronger.

Overall, aeration has several benefits, which include,

- Enhanced grass/ turf rooting

- Harmful thatch decomposition

- Better oxygen, moisture and nutrient penetration

- Reduced water run-off for better drought resistance

3. Get rid of all the leaves:

Big shady trees add a lot of beauty to a yard, in turn adding value to your home. However, as fall arrives, you may begin to resent them as they drop tons of leaves, increasing your work.

It is very important that you remove debris and leaves from your lawn before the winter arises as they may create bare spots with the arrival of spring. Moreover, getting rid of the falling leaves in the lawn helps your lawn to soak in the winter sunlight.

By keeping all these tips in mind, you can ensure that your yard will remain healthy even during the cold winter months. It is better to hire a professional lawn expert to do this work for best results.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Many Benefits and Advantages of Using a Landscaping Service

It is always a good idea to check on your property's landscaping and hardscaping periodically, to keep it looking good. Upgrading the landscaping from average to amazing can increase the value of a house by twenty percent.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
Essentially, landscaping goes past shrubs and plants to hardscaping, which comprises of retaining patios, walls, walkways, driveways and other such man-made enhancements to the outdoor area. There are so many landscaping portfolios over the internet. A landscape architect and contractor can work with the customer and come up with a comprehensive plan. Normally, the homeowner then employs a landscape professional to carry out the entire installation.

Here are a few trending items in hardscape and landscape designs:

  1. Water features
  2. Outdoor lighting
  3. Fire pits
  4. Garden paths
  5. Fences
Make sure you hire a professional for the landscape and hardscape project:

When you employ a landscaping expert, make sure you go in for an experienced and a licensed professional, who is equipped with everything that will ensure the project’s success.  He should be an expert in the following areas:

• Soil
• Horticulture
• Property drainage
• Irrigation
• Hardscaping
• Landscape designing

It is important to hire a design expert for landscaping, just like any other house enhancement project. Think of this as an investment and search for the correct professional who has the skills, knowledge and eagerness for collaboration. Stay honest- in case you do not have the inclination or time to maintain the project, ask for  low-maintenance vegetation.

Planning the hardscaping and landscaping of a house:

The contractor should walk through the property and identify dying trees or shrubs that are overgrown and require removing. A professional must be able to mark spaces of irrigation needs, problematic grading and the like.

A skilled contractor will keep an eye on the spaces that could be further enhanced. He must discuss new walkways, upgraded stairways or patios and plants that would intensify the feel and look of the exterior lighting and the whole area. Exterior lighting not only augments  the property value,  but also offers better security. An expert can provide the right advice for path lights,  focus lights, and tree lights.

Protecting the hardscaping and landscaping project

It is extremely important that you take good care of the landscaping investment and make sure your property looks its best. A landscaping company will assist you with maintenance.
A landscaped property can be sold more easily compared to other properties. It gives the right appeal and value. Remember, you do not have to invest on everything at once. There are so many homeowners who choose a five-year plan that matures during different intervals and offers a range of different features. Homeowners can make sure they stick to their budget while planning for a beautiful hardscape and landscape renovation.

One of the biggest blunders a homeowner makes is, trying to execute hardscaping and landscaping ideas without a major plan. Improper designing like a patio there, a red maple here and a waterbody that does not go with the d├ęcor, will make the property look thrown together and negative. A professional landscape designer can implement and craft plans that offer a stylized look.

Monday, 24 September 2018

How To Choose The Best Patio Installer For Your Needs?

It is always a good idea to find a skilled patio installer and expand your outdoor living area while improving the backyard. Make sure you start early so that , with careful planning you can decide on which product and design you wish to have. As Good installers are normally always booked in advance,  to get the best service, you must have ample time in hand.

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Narrowing down on a good contractor is by far the toughest decision to make. While you may have numerous choices to pick from, it is extremely important that you choose someone who  provides the right combination of service, products, and quality. For instance, make sure the installer has the right reputation for performing the kind of job you are looking for. Other factors include:

Products – The first thing you should do is ask about the materials offered for the patio. An expert will offer brick, concrete, stone, and pavers. In case you opt for pavers, ensure that the contractor buys them from a trustworthy manufacturer, as the interior pavers may fade and may not be as tough as required.

Guarantee and warranty - Ask whether the contractor will offer any guarantee and warranty for  his/her work and the products. Make sure you discuss all the specifications till you have completely understood them and get both the warranty and guarantee in writing.

Portfolios and websites - Top experts have websites that assist in educating people about the various hardscaping issues of different materials used for patios. The professionals will have impressive portfolios for you to go through and understand their work and what numerous elements look  like . This ensures you make a wise decision.

Continued education and professionalism – Always search for an expert who is a member of a professional organization that promotes safety, education and environmental protection.

Local knowledge - Several communities have certain restrictions and codes for patio additions.Opt for a contractor who has the experience in handling such regulations and restrictions, to create the kind of patio that fulfils your wants and needs.

When you choose a professional for laying your patio, you must have a very practical approach to make your final decision. Ask a lot of questions. Here are a few helpful questions you can ask:

  1. Ask for references of completed installations and photographs. Also go through their online reviews.
  2. Find out if the cost of jointing sand and a dumpster has been included in the quotation.
  3. Check whether the contractor has insurance coverage.
  4. Ask them for a final written quote.
Reputable patio installers are never known to  cut corners and provide the best standard to construct a patio that is not just beautiful to look at, but will also remain the same for years without requiring repair. A professional will not have an issue to give a guarantee for the work he commits himself to deliver. With just a little effort, you can make sure your patio is in good hands.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

What to expect from creative landscaping experts?

When you surf through the Internet, you will come across several creative landscaping designs that are installed by owners. Some are so inspirational that they could be featured in garden and home magazines to offer insight to landscape enthusiasts.

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How does one choose a landscaping designer and what should be expected from them?
They offer complete landscaping services.

Modern and creative landscaping designers must know the A-to-Z of landscaping maintenance and design so you will not have to call various companies for different services. Such services should not be seasonal but should be available throughout the year.

They offer special installations.

Apart from usual installations related to flower, shrubs and trees planting, the chosen landscaping contractor should also offer a range of exclusively designed elements including -

1. Landscape lighting installations
2. Fencing installations
3. Outdoor living area using modern materials such as curbstone and Belgium block
4. Waterscapes with waterfalls and fountains, patios and pathways, fire pits, as well as driveways
5. Well integrated landscaping maintenance

Maintenance of your landscape project is something you must never overlook. The chosen provider should be experienced in offering you regular and complete maintenance. This must comprise of -

1. Weed control
2. Fertilization
3. Lawn mowing
4. Aeration
5. Seasonal activities
6. Overseeding
7. Grub and insect control
8. Dethatching
9. Tick control

Transparent and convenient billing systems.

A billing approach which is fully transparent would mean you are given access to hassle-free communication and online billing. The designers you work with should also offer you FREE estimates when you approach them.

They should provide you with a year of professional landscape and lawn supervision. In fact, they should be able to assist you in solving your landscape or lawn problem throughout the year.

Apart from this, they should be able to answer your emails and calls in the shortest possible time. Preferably, when you approach them for maintenance, they must get back to you in forty-eight hours.

Also, they should arrive at your house at the scheduled time even if it is just to evaluate your property. They should have trained experts in the team working with them. This will keep you assured that the company you have hired knows its workers and how good they are in their profession. After all, who wants a stranger with no background check done, on their property.

They keep proper track of every project they take up.

They make sure proper records are maintained in their database related to the changes they have made in your property and all the activities and happenings, from the project’s start to its end.

Hiring professional landscaping experts is one of the best ways to beautify the outdoors. They know how to add personality and creativity to your yard.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Things to do: August Checklist for Your Home

Transitioning from summers to the starting of school, August may seem like a sudden shift. Make these last days a little more interesting and busy by including a few home projects, cleaning up and savouring simple life pleasures. Here are a few things you can do to create the best August plan.

1. Cleaning and storing summer gear. Now that the beach days are behind you, take out time to clean the shovels, buckets, and boogie boards to ensure they are clean and fresh for next year. Dispose off broken or cracked toys, and look out for sales or discounts for replacing items if required.

2. Clear the way for easy weeknight dinners. A packed kitchen (and pantry and fridge) makes meal preparation harder. Get rid of the clutter for creating a clean counter and get rid of stale, expired, and unwanted foods from the fridge, pantry, and freezer. Donate unexpired and unwanted foods in their original packaging to the food pantry.

3. Give away your backyard harvest for everyone to enjoy. Did you grow tomatoes or any other summer food? Pick them and pack them in a basket to share them with your friends and family. You can also locate a food pantry that accepts excess garden produce.

4. Clean floors and carpets. Garden dirt and sand in the summer can take its toll on the floor. Mop floors and vacuum, and make sure you clean the carpeting and area rugs professionally.

5. Organize and clean the garage. In case you have not cleaned your garage in some time, it is possible that this project might take a good amount of your time, so make sure you plan accordingly. It is best to think ahead and search for places where you can take things (hazardous waste, donations, things for auctioning) before you start. And in case you require assistance, think of hiring somebody to help you with the process. Before buying new organizers and shelving, clear all the clutter. Decluttering will give you a better idea of what you require. 

6. Complete outdoor projects. Use the long August days for finishing any outdoor projects that you started during the summers - from adding a brand-new deck to cleaning gutters.

7. Organize your closet before making any new purchases; spend a little time evaluating what you own already. 

8. Plant some herbs and veggies.  August does not have to be the time when you only have to harvest crops. There are so many things you can plant. You can plant cool season, fast-maturing crops. Search for the best plants as per your region. You can also ask a landscaping expert to help you out. 

Being proactive can help you in making the most of August. It is best to ask a professional landscaping expert for advice if you wish to revamp your outdoors and get them ready for the coming months. One of the best ways to find a good expert is to search the internet or ask friends and family for suggestions.